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Richard Massie

President, Principal Broker // BA, FCIP

Michael Oulahen

Vice-President, Partner // B.Comm, CIP

Michael Gilmour

Vice-President, Partner // CIP

Cory Wilson

Vice-President, Partner // CIP, CRM

Matthew White

Vice-President, Partner // BBA, CIP, CRM

Marc Brochu

Vice-President, Partner // RIB

Lawrence McMullan

Vice-President // BA, CIP

Joshua McAllister

Vice President - Operations, Claims and Customer Service // CIP

Steve Montcalm

Vice-President, Partner // RIB

Taylor Massie

Vice-President - Marketing & Technology // B.Comm

Commercial Lines

Chloe Baigrie

Commercial Lines Manager // BA, CIP

Cassandra Lanthier

Commercial Lines - Team Lead // RIB

Katherine Evans

SME Team Lead // RIB

Jacqueline Gilmour

Commercial Lines Account Manager // RIB

Jousette Giffen

Senior Commercial Account Manager // RIB

Deanna Scott-Robinson

Senior Commercial Account Manager // RIBO

Crystal Morin

Commercial Account Manager // RIB

Julia Lackey

Commercial Lines Account Manager // BA, RIB

Amy Shaw

Commercial Lines Account Manager // RIB

Julie Mercier

Commercial Lines Account Manager // RIB, CAIB

Lorraine Dinelle

Commercial Lines Account Manager // RIB, CIP

Melissa Cefaloni

Senior Commercial Lines Account Manager // RIB, CAIB

Personal Lines

Sonya Cross

Exclusive Account Manager // BA, CAIB, RIB

Kelcy Vanasse

Personal Lines Account Manager // RIB

Kristen Gould

Personal Lines Account Manager // RIB, AMF

Group Benefits & Retirement Solutions

Chris Bjornestad

Insurance Advisor

Personal Lines (Sales)

Steven Goulding

Personal Lines Account Executive // RIB

Marty Landriault

Personal & Commercial Account Executive // RIB

Broker Support Team

Aziza Wilson

Commercial Lines Tech Team Lead

Maureen Smith

Commercial Lines Support

Derek Kingsbury

Commercial Lines Support

Mei-Ling Li

Commercial Lines Support

Madison Lamoureux

Personal Lines Support

Shannon Pasch

Personal Lines Support

Alexandra Zollerano

Commercial Account Coordinator

Camryn Massie

Commercial Lines Broker Assistant

Accounting Team

Jiaqi Li

Assistant Controller

Lingxuan Wang

Accounting Administrator // BA, B.Comm